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David Clow
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About me...

Hey Everybody, my name is David. And I want to be your mayor. I grew up in Welland and have spent most of my life here, except for time studying philosphy at The University of Western Ontario and my time studying psychology at The University of Toronto, and my time travelling the world over the past decade. I played triple A hockey here as a Welland Tiger. And I played box lacrosse as a Pelham Raider. I went to Alexander Kuska elementary from JK to grade 3, then St. Andrews elementary from grade 4 - 8. I was also withdrawn from regular classes and taxied to Holy Name elemtary from grades 4 - 8 to participate in their enriched classes. I then went on to Notre Dame College School for high school. For the past decade, I have been travelling the world filming a documentary and writing a book as my contribution to the greater good, while participating in many political movements across the globe, taking part in many wonderful events like the COP 21 climate summit in Paris, France, which I attended represnting the Green Party of Canada. I was injured in 1997 in a motorcycle accident leaving me fully quadriplegic and relying upon a machine to breath for me. I overcame the impossible reaching the point where I can now walk very short distances with crutches. I do not let the impossible stand in my way. So turning this city around and modernizing it - being very possible - is easy in comparison to the impossible that I live every day. I have a comprehensive and complex platform that will turn Welland into a green, sustainable, walkable smart-city, and with a much smaller budget than we are currently wasting trying to attach ourselves to the past. To regain the glory of our past we must not attach to that past, but must, instead, attach ourselves to the future. I am the only candidate and our best hope to modernize this city, bringing modern industry, secure jobs, and a future with a higher level of well-being for each Wellander. I love this town. I always have. I know every nook and cranny of every park, street, and alleyway. And I know what is required. With my experience, education, worldwide connections and abiltity to navigate this process with the utmost transparency and accountbility, I am asking for your vote on October 22nd. I thank you and look forward to meeting each and every one of you as we work with the city staff, the local and regional councillors, and the provincial and federal governments. If you look through my pictures, you will see me with Stephen Harper, Justin Trudean, and so many other amazing people that I have been fortunate enough to make friends with, enabling me to be the best representative that I can be. So much more can be expected than what we are used to from a mayor. I am here to show you that you can expect more.


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My Pledges

I have taken my platform and broken it into ten pledges. Each pledge, though very different, is interdependent and integrated with each other pledge. Each of these pledges will be integral in the strategic economic development plan for the city. Each pledge will be designed to bring back the jobs and level of wellbeing we so greatly require for all. Separately, they will bring in modern industry, create jobs, promote a higher level of wellbeing, combat the 'brain-drain' where we see our young people moving to more livable cities; but together, as part of my comprehensive and nuanced platform, they will create an emergent new cultural fabric here in Welland where we can start being proud of where we live - for real. We can do this. This is how a mayor ought to speak. Please, take the time to read my pledges as I put them forward. 


My platform

My platform is comprised of my ten pledges expanded into a comprehensive and costed platform designed to transform Welland into a modern, green, walkable smart-city. It will outline a plan to create transparent and accountable representation in the municipality and region, including at the NPCA. My plan will address our brownfield properties, pressing environmental concerns, and work to bio-remediate these lands allowing for their use. My platform will lead to immediately safer streets in Welland, bringing back the officers 'walking the beat'. It will bring about immediate answers and solutions to the issues we face around mental illness and addiction, including immediate supports service assistance. My plan is one that will look to provide support for all Wellanders, as we re-think and re-budget, with focus on bringing Welland into the 21st century. We need to talk about local food and energy security and what that will mean for us individually. This plan is currently missing. But I am running to make sure we do not continue on without a plan.


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Grand Opening for The Hub: TBA

Corn and Pig Roast and live music.

September 1: 'Take Back the City' #3